VI Monitor





What is the VI Monitor?

VI Monitor diagnostic toolIt is a multi-function engine monitoring device complete with a 3.5” Touch Screen Display, and G-Sensor. 
The VI Monitor also has an advanced diagnostics tool with the ability to view and reset engine fault codes and comes with sophisticated comparison software in the box.

The VI monitor is not just suitable for the racer and can be used by everyone from the home mechanic to the part time car enthusiast.

How does it work?…

The VI Monitor installs in seconds and works by reading the data stream straight from your vehicles electronics via the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port.The VI Monitor is able to monitor up to 15 parameters including Speed & RPM and Performance Tests for both braking and acceleration. These can then be downloaded and stored on your computer for future reference.

One of the features that makes VI an even more handy everyday tool is the Built-In Diagnostics Feature.

Ever had an engine warning light, but didn’t know why?

Providing your car is compatible, the VI Monitor will display the fault code number and a brief description of the fault.  You will then be able to reset the fault code yourself.

Check out the features page to see what the VI Monitor can do for you.

VI Monitor £195.00