VAG services

We are able to code new keys, do ECU swaps, Instrument cluster swaps amongst many other things to your VAG car.

Using specialist VAG equipment we have the ability to replace faulty ECU's or reprogram ECU's for use in an engine transplant vehicle.

Key Matching

Coding of a new key to your vehicle £30.00

ECU Coding

Coding a new ECU to your vehicle. Contact us for details and pricing.

Cruise Control Fitting

Retro-fit Cruise Control to your vehicle.  If your vehicle does not have cruise control fitted and you would like it, then we can supply, fit and enable this for your VAG vehicle.  With prices from £90.00 please contact us for details.

Control Module Coding

The modern VAG range of vehicles have a "Comfort Control" module fitted.  This controls many of the features on the vehicle, such as central locking behaviour and having the lights come on when the vehicle is unlocked.  If you would like to change these or other features then we charge £10 or free with a Diagnostic Scan.

Data Logging

If you do not think that your car is running as it should, then we will be able to some data logging runs which will enable us to take a look at what the engine is doing and advise you if any work needs doing.


PIN/SKC Retrieval

If you do not have your vehicles PIN code or SKC code then we will need to retrieve it from the ECU.  This is required to code new keys, swap ECUs and change instrument clusters.

from £40.00