Immobiliser Defeat

Deactivation of the factory engine immobiliser.  This is required if you are doing an engine conversion.

Until now enthusiasts who wanted to put a modern engine into an older vehicle had to rely on either installing the donor vehicle's instrument cluster and associated immobiliser components which rarely fit and take up many laborious hours, or instead purchase costly aftermarket management systems which had the downside of loss of reliability, driveability and power.

ChipMyCar Immobiliser Defeat allows you to effectively turn off the Immobiliser function within the ECU without all this hassle. ChipMyCar Immobiliser defeat allows the use of the standard ECU, wiring looms and the original sensors. Used in conjunction with a ChipMyCar Re-map a faster, more reliable and leaner result will be achieved. ChipMyCar can also offer LAMBDA defeat which can be used to eliminate the need for Cats, along with many other modification options to insure you're vehicle runs to its potential.

For enquiries on Immobiliser Defeat or any of the other modifications talked about here contact us, we can give advice on the best solutions for your specific needs and tailor our service around your specific needs.