Alpha N / MAF Removal

Need to remove your MAF sensor?


All modern cars which run with MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensors to monitor the air flow in vehicles run a backup default system in case MAF fails called Alpha N. Alpha N on it’s own is a very crude form of throttle timing control which when used without MAF leads to inaccurate fuel timing, increased fuel consumption and emissions. Using the OBD port the Alpha N system in the vehicles ECU can be programmed to work as well without the MAF sensor as with.

Cars that have had major performance changes made to the engine meaning much greater air flow than the MAF sensor can handle often need to work solely off Alpha N. ChipMyCar can reprogram the ECU to work at optimal standards and turn off the MAF which will only hold the vehicle back if the air flow readings are too high or out of range, also if the MAF housing is restrictive in size for major conversions and needs to be changed for a larger diameter we can offer rescaling of the MAF tables, these are two options, for all out race performance we recommend Alpha N, for modified road cars we recommend first looking at MAF rescaling due to idle control which is not so good running Alpha N, many other tuners forget to tell you this!

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