Switchable Mapping

SRSII Switchable Mapping Tool

What is SRSII?

We supply you with the SRSII, a hand-held unit that you plug into the OBD socket of your car. The SRSII is easy to use - you just follow the instructions on the screen. Within a few minutes the SRSII remote will have read the car's software. This software can be emailed to us for tuning. The SRSII is something you keep and use when needed. The SRSII Console and full instructions.

What vehicles does the SRSII unit cover ?

In short it covers many European makes and models including some of the more challenging later ECUs fitted by BMW and the Volkswagen Audi Group.

Why use SRSII Tuning ?

1. Many customers are just too far away to visit us at our workshop but are eager to benefit from ChipMyCar tuning.

2. The customer wants the ability to swap between original and tuned maps. Maybe a lease or company car that needs to go in for warranty or service work. Or switch between economy and race.

3. The customer changes their car regularly and needs a unit that can be moved to their next car with just the cost of a re-tune required.

4. Tuning is convenient - as soon as you receive the unit then you can start the tuning. No appointments are needed.

5. The SRSII has the useful function of being able to read and clear engine management lights just like a fault code reader.

Can the SRSII unit be used on more than one car ?

The standard SRSII is designed to tune just one car at a time. It will be locked to your car until you return the car to original programming. You can then re-use the SRSII on your next car and only need to buy a new remap file.

How much does the SRSII cost ?

The SRSII hardware is available with a remap for just £370.00. Talk to us about our offer for our remap price when bought with an SRSII unit. The unit can store your standard map and up to 2 tuned map's. If you require more than one stage of remap file, please contact us for a price.

Are there other similar products in the market place, if so what makes yours better ?

Most widely known would be Superchips Bluefin and Dreamscience. The SRSII compares favourably in terms of the hardware - it is made by one of the world's leading manufacturers of tuning tools - constantly developed to bring you accessibility to tune the very latest models easily and totally reliably. With the SRSII you can move the programmer to your next car - you do not have to pay a fee to use it again - you just pay for a new suitable tune.

Contact us to find if your vehicle is compatible with SRSII tuning, or click here to see the list.

SRSII with Remap £370.00

Please specify your vehicle, Year of Manufacture, Registration Plate and any modifications that you may have already fitted.