Diesel ECU Remapping

Why choose an ECU Remap for your Diesel vehicle? Just look at the benefits!


Due to rising fuel costs and the current financial climate, more people are buying turbo diesel cars because of their improved fuel economy. Often however there is a trade off – lower power and less performance from what you may be used to previously.


There is a solution! Using a ChipMyCar remap will give you improved fuel economy (better miles per gallon) when combined with the same driving style and characteristics used prior to the car being remapped and also increased performance.   

A ChipMyCar Diesel Remap Will Give You The Following Gains:

  • More Horsepower.
  • More Torque.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • Smoother power delivery.
  • Safer overtaking.


The improvements above are all achieved by very careful matching of different parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates & pump timing along with adjustments to maps that electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed. All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised and then programmed back into your ECU and the vehicle tested.

In most cases your vehicles ECU will be reprogrammed using the latest flash remapping technology meaning that we can send the new "chip" into the ECU via its on board diagnostics port (OBD). This means we will not have to remove your ECU from the car and there are no external signs of tampering or parts added to the vehicle whatsoever. The perfect remapping solution.

If you use the same driving style as before the remap, improvements in fuel consumption of up to 20% are possible , in turbo diesel powered engines. Of course if you utilize the increased performance all of the time, then your economy will drop, just as it would if you drove your standard vehicle enthusiastically all of the time.

Click here to see a list of the cars that we can remap.

If your vehicle isn't listed in our database, we may still be able to offer you a solution.  Please contact us for details.

All ChipMyCar OBD remaps come with a lifetime warranty against corruption or other defects. Your original ECU calibration is also stored by us so that we can restore your car back to standard at any time.*

*ChipMyCar Offer a lifetime warranty on Engine ECU software only.

All Engine Remaps are tested to the highest standards. However on older vehicles engine parts that are subject to wear may be prone to failure after tuning. Common failures are turbos, coil packs, EGR valve and MAF sensor. These are all serviceable items that would usually require replacement as part of proper maintenance. If the vehicle has a faulty turbo before a remap, it is likely this will cause the turbo to fail sooner rather then later. ChipMyCar do not accept liability for any mechanical part failure due to engine wear. ChipMyCar do not recommend using excessive acceleration immediately after the remap has been carried out, and that you allow your vehicle to get to its normal running conditions.